What our women say…

4 years of Zumba 4 Bump

Since Club BUMP began in 2012, we’ve received some fantastic feedback from the ladies attending proving that there is a real need for our affordable, educational and supportive classes in Oxfordshire. But don’t just take our word for it. If you’re still wondering if Club BUMP is for you then read on to see what some of our women had to say…and have a peak at one of Zumbathon’s, see below… 

“Despite no Zumba last night (Mon 3rd Oct) there were a few of us who attended anyway. Ethel and Verity led a very informative group about the process of labour and how to prepare for it. Initially we thought it might be an early night, but clearly we were all interested and engaged as we were still asking questions at 9pm. We learnt about positions for an active labour and we even had equipment to practice. We considered the pros and cons of several pain management techniques, which was very reassuring for a first time mum-to-be. It was lovely to hear from those of us who had more experience. I ended up going home and modifying my birth plan after the session. Thanks again Ethel, Verity & the Club BUMP members for a very informative session! I am looking forward to next week’s chat.”
Kellie, mum-to-be attending the Botley class 


“Club BUMP has made an enormous difference to me. Before pregnancy I didn’t exercise regularly but I thought I’d give the Zumba a go and I’ve become addicted. Even when I developed pelvic girdle pain I couldn’t bear to miss it. The Zumba class is so much fun and fantastically adapted for bumps. George has such an infectious energy and positivity that it’s impossible to leave without feeling uplifted and energised. I started an antenatal class several weeks after starting Club BUMP and only then did I realise how much I’d learned and how comfortable and positive I felt about the pregnancy, birth and parenting. I feel much fitter than I did before pregnancy and I’ve made several friends through the group who have helped me get through the early days and baby blues. I wish this could be available to all mums. I feel very privileged to have had this class available here and subsidised too. Thank you all so much.”
First time mum, attended from around 20 to 41 weeks and now comes with her baby when she can

“Zumba is excellent, it’s more than just an exercise class! It’s so much fun and I get to keep fit at the same time. This is my first pregnancy and it’s been useful to meet other mums and ask questions in the chats after Zumba. Everyone is so friendly and I’ve already made lots of friends. I’ve never done anything like Zumba before but it’s so easy and I look forward to Saturday mornings now for the exercise, fun and to meet up with the other girls.”
First time mum to baby Oliver

“I joined Club BUMP after receiving a leaflet in my first midwife appointment with the idea of keeping fit during my pregnancy as I have always been a very active person. The class is ideal; the instructor lifts the room with great energy and makes all women feel comfortable and relaxed. After the class there is a group chat, preceded by Ethel, an experience midwife, class in actionwho brings different topics for discussion to prepare women for labour and birth. It is a great opportunity to gain information, ask questions and share concerns with other women who are going through the same as me. I look forward to the next class every week!”
First time mum to a baby girl 

“I love this class, I felt confident going right up to the end of my pregnancy because the exercise is adapted for pregnancy and the support from the midwives is fantastic. I would often have questions and I could ask them before my next antenatal appointment – I always felt in safe hands and Zumba is great fun!”
First time mum to baby Dylan