Zumba4Bump provides a safe and fun exercise class for mums-to-be and for those post-birth. These classes have been purposefully designed for women of all levels to participate, whether starting exercise for the first time or those more experienced.

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Club BUMP follows the Zumba class to provide space and time for women to discuss health and pregnancy related topics. This supportive group provides emotional encouragement and practical help to each other – all with input from experienced midwives. Discussion centres on health awareness for mum, bumps and babies. Information and advice on a wide range of subjects such as healthy nutrition, exercise, birth planning and breast feeding support.

The content of Club BUMP sessions vary from week to week, based on questions or information requested by the mums attending. Participants are encouraged to get involved and help plan future sessions.


You might even meet some student midwives’ eager to develop their knowledge and skills. The students enormously value the time they spend with women at Zumba4Bump and Club BUMP, reporting great satisfaction of spending time with women in an informal setting.

Students from all stages of their education may get involved to facilitate these sessions, all whilst under the careful supervision of qualified and experienced midwives.

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Club BUMP started in March 2012 led by Lesley Smith and Ethel Burns. Together they have years of experience in health education, research and practice. Both are based at Oxford Brookes University.

Ethel is a Senior Lecturer teaching student midwives and has been in active practice as a midwife for many years.

Lesley is Professor of Women’s Public Health at the University of Hull.

Club BUMP is a Community Interest Company (CIC). We raise funds to ensure Club BUMP is accessible to everyone.